Snow Day

Snow day.

No school.

Sleep in.




Leighton summed it up best: “This is the best day EVER!”



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A Girl and Her Dogs

This girl loves her dogs. In the last year she has really growth to appreciate and enjoy their company, their companionship, and the comfort that they provide. Molly has given them the same, expressing genuine love toward them and giving them attention every day.

I love watching Molly interact with them, especially how joyous she is and the way that she giggles when she scratches their magic spots.




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This one has been in the draft box for a while. It’s been two months since Leighton turned five years old. That said he is still a five year old boy, and definitely all boy, and everything that comes with that.

He has endless energy (as long as he is fed) and has two speeds – full on or off.

He is rambunctious, but doesn’t enjoy getting real rough with his friends.

He likes steak and detests chicken.

He can belch “like a man”.

He loves heavy metal music, especially Metallica and AC/DC, and gets a smile on his face like you are scratching an itch and it feels real good when it comes on in the truck.

He is incredibly competitive, perhaps too competitive – something we’ll have to work on.

On top of all of these masculine traits, he is also incredibly sweet, loving and gentle. He loves his sister dearly, just as she does. If they keep it up as they do now, they have a long future of having each other ahead.

It’s a blast having a 5 year old boy and I am going to continue enjoying every day of it.


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Hats and Boots

As the saying goes: When in Rome… So when at the Ellensburg rodeo, hats and boots are required.




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Little Campers at Baker Lake

In early May, we jumped on some excellent weather and took the kids camping at Baker Lake. Nothing could have made them happier.

The moment we arrived they wanted to put up the tent and make a fire so that we could have s’mores. We held them off the best we could on the fire and s’mores while ran, jumped, climbed on logs and rocks, threw rocks in the lake, etc. Leighton was besides himself the entire time with the abundance of sticks and rocks.

We even went for a hike to the Baker River foot bridge. The kids insisted on wearing a backpack and stuffing them full. Along the way, Leighton found more sticks and lots of bugs. Molly found an enormous tree and earned a blister.

If you asked them, I am sure that they would say that there isn’t such a thing as too much camping.

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The Candy Jar

I guess that it is okay to help yourself to the candy jar after you play baseball for hours during and are in motion for nearly every other waking minute during the day.

160410 leighton kitchen 095

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Our little girl is seven years old. So big and so little all at once. A terrific age indeed. While it gives us a view into the future, we still get to enjoy the little kid in her.

This birthday brought a sleep-over party, earrings, pedicures – big girl stuff. She also got a Seahawks sweatshirt, which she has been requesting for months so that she can put it on in the evenings “just like dad”. All of this is a reminder to enjoy this time because it is fleeting, and we only get it once.

160224 molly hair drying 001160224 molly hair drying 002160224 molly hair drying 004160224 molly hair drying 007160224 molly hair drying 009160224 molly hair drying 011-2160227 molly ear piercing 004160227 molly ear piercing 007160227 molly ear piercing 011160227 molly ear piercing 015160227 molly ear piercing 022160227 molly ear piercing 027160227 molly ear piercing 035160227 molly ear piercing 037

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Learning to Read


verb \ˈlərn\

1 a (1) :  to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience

It is a great joy to watch the kids learn and Molly has been learning a lot lately. Most importantly, learning to read. As with learning nearly all thing for the first time, it has come with its moments of enlightenment and joy, as well as the other side of the process of learning, great challenge and frustration.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing her learn to read, especially at this time when it has given Molly a whole new world of communication and discovery. It seems to have come rather suddenly. Just a couple of months ago she could she could identify a few words and put them to use, but in general words were not much use to her. Now, it seems nearly out of the blue, she can readily read and comprehend much of what is common around us. The world of reading is expanding rapidly and has caught me by surprise a few times, bringing a little smile to my face to see the discoveries she is having. No longer is she naïve to something that we are surrounded by most of us take for granted – written words. It opens a whole new way for her to be entertained, learn, and communicate, just as I am doing now.

Now that she is learning to read, she can learn to do anything. I am eager to see what else she will learn and discover with reading.

151217 molly studying 001
151217 molly studying 002151217 molly studying 003151217 molly studying 005151217 molly studying 010


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Superheros start their day with a good breakfast.

151025 leighton captain america 001

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A Pile Of Leaves

A pile of leaves is all that you need.

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