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Question: How do you like being a dad? Answer: It’s the coolist shit in the world.

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My Bear and I

How she grows! Molly is now 12 weeks old, and growing quickly. She slept in her crib in her own room the last two nights. The first night was a bit rough, although mostly for Trina, and last night she … Continue reading

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Home Again

I am writing this with a new found freedom. It is 9:15 p.m. I am not on a balance ball bouncing Molly until she falls asleep. In the last couple of nights she has started falling asleep a whole lot … Continue reading

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Damn you arm!!!

We’re on the Oregon Coast for the week. Molly has discovered her hands and is regularly playing with them, although she hasn’t quite figured them out yet.

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Backtracking a bit here. Saturday I ceased the opportunity of a sunny spring day to go to Mount Rainier and introduce the legs to the mountains. The day started with a scheduled semi-early 6 a.m meet-up at the parking lot … Continue reading

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Mom’s Day

It’s Mom’s Day. It’s Molly’s fault.

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