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Molly Day 2 Grumpin’

Molly Day 2 Grumpin’, originally uploaded by jakevenard. Molly is now 2 days old. She’s not actually crying in this photo, just making the face while asleep. We got home from the hospital at 5:30 last night and spent the … Continue reading

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One Day Old

Molly turned 1 day old today at 2:58 pm. Had a long night of trading off napping and holding her with Trina. I think we managed to link up about 5 hrs of sleep each. She’s eating real well and … Continue reading

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Love at First Sight

What more can i say. Here is Molly Claire Venard at 1 minute old.

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Pink Clothes Needed

its an 8 lb 8 oz little girl!

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2 hrs

It’s 1 pm. 2 hours of pushing done. making progress

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show time

prepping to start pushing!!!

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still contracting

Trina has her epidural. It seems to have slowed things down a bit. At least she is fairly comfortable.

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Back to the Hospital

7:00 a.m. Things are picking up. Back to the hospital.

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Trina start having some contractions at 11:00 last night. She woke me at 1:00 a.m. when they started getting stronger. By 3:00 the contractions were down to under 5 minutes apart, so we called the hospital (as instructed in birthing … Continue reading

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Oscar Dog

oscar 2009.02.21, originally uploaded by jakevenard. Oscar will not leave Trina’s side and is super mellow. He obviously senses something is up.

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