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An apple please?

Molly asked for an apple as we were settling down for bedtime the other night.   Although it was an unusual time for such a request, staying up a little later to eat an apple was reasonable.  First she just nibbled on the apple, and then she … Continue reading

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Molly, a trampoline, and some donkey kicks

Molly moved up to the Super Mites gymnastics class at Northwest Aerials last week.  This is a little more dynamic class, offering a little more challenge and instruction.  Although getting her some exercise in the wet winter months our only goal for these … Continue reading

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Being a boy

Little Leighton is all boy.  Rumble, tumble, fall…no problem.  

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Saturdays with Molly

For some reason, the ingredients of Saturdays and Molly are consistently mixing up a batch or sour little girl.  She loves her ‘stay home’ days, but perhaps the schedule shift throws here off a bit and she is a bit owly and sensitive.  When Sunday comes, its … Continue reading

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