This one has been in the draft box for a while. It’s been two months since Leighton turned five years old. That said he is still a five year old boy, and definitely all boy, and everything that comes with that.

He has endless energy (as long as he is fed) and has two speeds – full on or off.

He is rambunctious, but doesn’t enjoy getting real rough with his friends.

He likes steak and detests chicken.

He can belch “like a man”.

He loves heavy metal music, especially Metallica and AC/DC, and gets a smile on his face like you are scratching an itch and it feels real good when it comes on in the truck.

He is incredibly competitive, perhaps too competitive – something we’ll have to work on.

On top of all of these masculine traits, he is also incredibly sweet, loving and gentle. He loves his sister dearly, just as she does. If they keep it up as they do now, they have a long future of having each other ahead.

It’s a blast having a 5 year old boy and I am going to continue enjoying every day of it.


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