Learning to Read


verb \ˈlərn\

1 a (1) :  to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience

It is a great joy to watch the kids learn and Molly has been learning a lot lately. Most importantly, learning to read. As with learning nearly all thing for the first time, it has come with its moments of enlightenment and joy, as well as the other side of the process of learning, great challenge and frustration.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing her learn to read, especially at this time when it has given Molly a whole new world of communication and discovery. It seems to have come rather suddenly. Just a couple of months ago she could she could identify a few words and put them to use, but in general words were not much use to her. Now, it seems nearly out of the blue, she can readily read and comprehend much of what is common around us. The world of reading is expanding rapidly and has caught me by surprise a few times, bringing a little smile to my face to see the discoveries she is having. No longer is she naïve to something that we are surrounded by most of us take for granted – written words. It opens a whole new way for her to be entertained, learn, and communicate, just as I am doing now.

Now that she is learning to read, she can learn to do anything. I am eager to see what else she will learn and discover with reading.

151217 molly studying 001
151217 molly studying 002151217 molly studying 003151217 molly studying 005151217 molly studying 010


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