The First Day of School That Wasn’t

Today was supposed to be the Molly’s first day of first grade. She woke early and in high spirits and was quickly dressed in the outfit that she had picked for the big day. Not too long later I called the kids to the table for breakfast. Molly came to the table, took one look at the French toast, said “I don’t feel good”, and laid down on the couch. Trina and I looked at each other with the same though of “Uh. Oh.” We knew that she wasn’t fooling since Leighton had woke us at 3:00 a.m. sick to his stomach only two nights ago.

At one point she thought she felt well enough to go to school, and then it got real. That sealed the deal and she stayed home.

150901 molly sick 001 150901 molly sick 002

Trina helped her switch to some comfortable princess pajamas and she settled into the basement to have an all day “Jessie” marathon on Netflix. Late in the morning she requested that I make mac & cheese for lunch; so I did. When it was ready, she made it to the top of the top of the stairs and reported “Daddy, I don’t feel good. I can’t eat.” That definitely isn’t her style.

Her voice sounds bright and sharp and she was up for a short while to draw some pictures of our family, only to get knocked back down. This little ambitious and energetic girl stayed on the couch all but a few moments all day. I’ll bet she is quickly back on her feet since she doesn’t like to be held down.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

150901 molly sick 003

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One Response to The First Day of School That Wasn’t

  1. Jeanne says:

    Poor Molly –
    Give her our love.

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