A Sunny Night at Safeco Field

We were recently treated to a sunny and warm Saturday evening at Safeco Field. Everyone

was all smiles to be out and about in their short sleeves and catching some sun. It’s even better when you can do that on your mom’s shoulders on the way to the game.

150418 mariners game 004

We arrived well before the start of the game to be sure we could get the Felix  Hernandez bobblehead doll, a treasure for any Mariners schwag collector. Arriving two hours before the first pitch also allowed us to watch batting practice and hopefully get a ball.

150418 mariners game 030



Although it doesn’t carry the excitement of the game, I think that the kids enjoyed watching batting practice as well. There is a lot going on, the players are close, and balls coming your way.150418 mariners game 031


I also had the opportunity to teach them about waiting patiently and being nice. There were a few kids and parents that were definitely setting the example of how not to act. They likely spoiled it for everyone in our area and I talked to them about what kind of kid you would give a ball to if they were a player. They understood and waited patiently for a long time. They didn’t get a ball but certainly enjoyed it.

150418 mariners game 033 We were also fortunate that not only was it King Felix bobblehead night, the King himself was pitching. It was incredible to see him get a standing ovation when he walked from the bullpen to the dugout before the game. He is one of the games best and the crowd appreciates it and acknowledges it.

150418 mariners game 036


Sun and baseball. I think we have a fan of both, as long as Leighton has his shades on.

150418 mariners game 038

The nights when King Felix pitches brings extra excitement to the game as well. The Mariners have also created the “King’s Court” section in the left field corner. What started as one small section in the stadium has grown substantially, even spreading to all three decks late last summer. Felix pitched a gem, just like he almost always does.

I am eager to take the kids to more games, and even more eager to fully teach them the game.

150418 mariners game 076


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