The Grand Adventure

We feel fortunate that St. Edwards State Park is only a mile from the house we can take Molly and Leighton on a grand adventure.

150301 St. Edwards 001

This adventure began with a fun walk down the North Trail. Leighton was prepared to catch any bugs that came our way.

150301 St. Edwards 004

150301 St. Edwards 009

There are some enormous trees that are hollow in the middle.  These are absolutely irresistible for any kid.

150301 St. Edwards 029

After almost a mile, we found our way to the beach on Lake Washington and get to enjoy a sunny day at the beach, even if it isn’t warm enough for short sleeves yet.

150301 St. Edwards 058 150301 St. Edwards 065

A couple of mallards provided the lunch time entertainment.

150301 St. Edwards 075

150301 St. Edwards 082

After a lunch of PB&J and apples it was time to hike up the South Canyon Trail.  I always enjoy this beautiful little canyon.

150301 St. Edwards 089

The walk up the canon provided much more fun than we expected and became the most exciting part of the adventure.  Little Leighton started out thoroughly enjoying hiding and surprising us.

150301 St. Edwards 091

And then he decided he needed to run. Fast.

150301 St. Edwards 101

And he didn’t stop. He was hard to keep up with.

150301 St. Edwards 105

Eventually he did get tired and needed carried for about 100 feet.

150301 St. Edwards 107

And then he ran up the trail some more.

150301 St. Edwards 111

Until he found a stick to drag. A REAL BIG stick.

150301 St. Edwards 120

He drug that log for about 100 yards before putting it down in exchange for a smaller stick with lots of moss on it.  The mossy stick lasted for about 15 seconds, when beating on the ground caused it to shed the moss.

150301 St. Edwards 124

And then it was back to dragging the log.

150301 St. Edwards 129 150301 St. Edwards 130

Eventually Leighton had enough of dragging the log and traded that for a much longer, but skinnier stick.

150301 St. Edwards 134 150301 St. Edwards 138

The new long and skinny stick proved more manageable and fun.

150301 St. Edwards 148

The long and skinny stick made it all the way to the playground where Molly was waiting.  She had been playing there for quite a while since she didn’t get distracted by sticks of all sizes.

150301 St. Edwards 171After plenty of running, jumping, climbing castles, swinging, and sliding, we ran to the Grotto. The Grotto is one of Molly’s favorite places. This is where the silly came out. Not long later the silly was changing to the opposite and we had to leave before hunger and fatigue made the kids morph like a wet gremlin.

150301 St. Edwards 208

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