Molly 6 Years Old

Six years old. All 45 inches and 47 pounds of her.

Six feels like a real milestone. A milestone of being a big kid. A kid that is in school. A real school. I didn’t expect that feeling until next year when she will be in first grade. Full-day kindergarten feels like real school, especially last night when she read me a book that she wrote at school. The book has complete sentences that she wrote and read to me.  I was blown away.

As I reflect on these six years, all I can think of is how incredible it has been to be a part of  her journey and how eager I am to see what the future brings. At this age, the proportion that we influence her begins to diminish (although no less important), while her contribution to shaping her story grows, which is simultaneously gratifying and frightening.

I am grateful to be a main character in her story, and treasure the time and role that I have to help guide her in composing the next the chapters of her life. As with all great stories I am eager to see what happens on the next page.

Happy sixth birthday Molly (A.K.A Sweet Girl, Lady Bug, Molly Bug, Molly Moose, Molly Mouse, Sissy, and the other fun names we give you).

150226 molly birthday 001

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  2. Walt Dinning says:

    Nicely said! Your kids are lucky to have you.

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