First Day of Kindergarten

The first day of school is a big milestone for Molly as well as Trina and I. It had been on our minds all summer since we knew that Molly was ready for the new challenge.  Leading up to it she had lots of questions about what it was like. She also actually started to tell us she was scared a few days before.

The morning started of well with her eagerly getting dress and ready for the big new day.  Leighton was just happy to have her home again after she spent a week, even if that meant she would be harassing him again. Both Molly and Leighton were up early to get the day started with a good breakfast before the first day of school.

140903 molly first day school 001

Soon after breakfast the eagerness began to subside and the anxiety came through.  This was the first time that we had seen her nervous about anything.  Making pictures of her on the big day was not well received.
140903 molly first day school 031

Wearing a new dress did help a little.

140903 molly first day school 033

She was also excited about her new backpack, which she had picked out the colors and the horse emblem on the back.  Purple and horses, just her style.

140903 molly first day school 037

140903 molly first day school 039

140903 molly first day school 041

140903 molly first day school 042

All of the kids were nervous and a little stoic while they waited for the great unknown.  The tears hadn’t started for any of the kids or parents yet.  That all changed once the kids went inside.

140903 molly first day school 045

Molly quickly found her chair at the desk that she shares with two other kids, including Stella (far left above). She still seemed a little nervous but also wanted to get on with it.  It certainly was a bit emotional to be moving past this milestone and into a new chapter.  For all of the reminiscing and realizing how fast they grow up, I am also eager to see what it brings.  One of the biggest changes for us is that we went from getting daily status reports on her activities, behavior, and the like to what she reports to us – virtually nothing. I thought that would start in a few years, but no, day 1 of Kindergarten.

You’ll do great big girl.

140903 molly first day school 050

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  1. She truly looks nervous…..

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