A Fish Named Flounder

After giving Molly a new Minnie Mouse bike on the morning of her birthday, we told her that she have another present after dinner.  When the time came she was quite upset that we didn’t have a present for her to unwrap, and was very unhappy that we had to leave.  Our insistence that it was extra special didn’t help in the least and we had to drag a distraught little 5 year old girl to the pet store.

Once we were in the Denny’s Pet World parking lot she knew what was up and the excitement was bubbling out of her.  After plenty of kid chasing, re-focusing of attention, and seeing all of the fish, snakes, birds, and bunnies we made it home, but not before a stop at Baskin Robins.

She quickly selected the name Flounder before it was acclimated to the new surroundings.

Flounder brought a lot of excitement to the house.  The kids were very excited, perhaps even more than either of us expected.   Molly did many impressions of Flounder’s lips and Leighton must have pointed and said “Fish!” a hundred times.   We thought it would be a birthday hit for the kids and ended up enjoying the event even more than we expected.

140226 molly birthday fish 015

140226 molly birthday fish 023

140226 molly birthday fish 038

140226 molly birthday fish 048

140226 molly birthday fish 049

140226 molly birthday fish 051



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