Casting Day

After a week in a splint, we took Molly to Children’s Hospital where she was fitted with a bright pink cast. She was incredibly strong through the whole process, from the painful process of the initial x-rays, being set up with her initial splint, incredible bravery before the general anesthesia in Sandpoint, a week of wearing a splint and sling, to getting her cast put on.

Now after two weeks past and one to go in a cast that keeps her elbow from flexing and definitely makes life more challenging, she hasn’t complained even once.  Molly has been incredible through it all.

We are also very grateful for the treatment we received at all of the medical facilities, from the emergency room at Boundary Community Hospital in Bonners Ferry, the surgical staff at Bonner General in Sandpoint, and Children’s Hospital in Seattle.  All of the staff from these places treated us and Molly excellently, making her (and us) more comfortable with the whole process.  We are grateful for all of this.

She’s healing well and the cast is hardly slowing her down.  There has only been one report from the daycare of her using the cast “as a weapon”; at least that is all that we know of.

131206 molly cast 001

131206 molly cast 003

131206 molly cast 004

131206 molly cast 007


131206 molly cast 012

131206 molly cast 014

131206 molly cast 018


131206 molly cast 024

131206 molly cast 029

131206 molly cast 030

131206 molly cast 033

131206 molly cast 036

131206 molly cast 037

131206 molly cast 039

131206 molly cast 043

131206 molly cast 046

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