Elephants, lions, carousels, and ketchup

Since Leighton has recently showed us his loves animals we marked a trip to the zoo on our itinerary for a long weekend stay-cation.  The little boy gets excited whenever he sees a dog at the park, a bird flies by, or a bug.  Every time he sees a living creature there is lots of emphatic pointing, toddler jabber sounds informing us he sees something (except “doggie” which he says quite clearly), and a glow in his eye. So on a very pleasant Seattle summer day, we strapped everyone in the car, crossed the toll bridge, and landed in Woodland Park to see the animals of the world.

We took our time when the kids were interested and ‘moved along’ when an exhibit was not.  Big hits for the kids included the giraffe feeding, which I regretfully didn’t pay my $5 to watch the kids, the elephants, meerkats, and the gorillas.

130621 zoo 086

130621 zoo 087

The kids enjoyed viewing the lions, which were doing what lions do most of the time – lay around like big cats.

130621 zoo 115

Lunch time came up on us quite quickly.  Molly enjoyed a hot dog and Leighton was happy because there was ketchup.  In his mind, ketchup is an actual food rather than a condiment.

130621 zoo 078

After lunch was Molly’s favorite exhibit – the carousel.  This is the highlight of every trip to the zoo for her.

130621 zoo 025

130621 zoo 034

130621 zoo 054

130621 zoo 064

Little Leighton became eager to ride the carousel after seeing his sissy smiling and waving her way around and around.  We bought four more tokens and set the little boy one of the horses that moves up and down.  The excitement was obvious.

130621 zoo 006

All was great until we started moving.  Only a few seconds after we started moving I could hear the faint sound of a child crying over the loud music serenading us on our circuit.  It took a few moments before I realized that it was Leighton crying.  I had a hold of the seat of his pants and could hardly hear him.  The poor little guy was supposed to be having fun and we were scaring the tears out of him!  Mom quickly moved him to a static horse and all was fun again.

130621 zoo 001

This was a fun and rewarding day a the zoo with the kids.  We saw the animals of the world including some rather large spiders.  We need return soon when the snail exhibit is open, since Molly was quite disappointed when we the “coming soon” sign informed us that there would be no snails today.  By the time we were exiting we had spent 5 hours enjoying the zoo.  I think that next time I’ll bring the kid backpack, because my arms were quite tired from packing around a 27 pound wiggly little boy for that long, and he will only be bigger and wigglier!

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