Molly, a trampoline, and some donkey kicks

Molly moved up to the Super Mites gymnastics class at Northwest Aerials last week.  This is a little more dynamic class, offering a little more challenge and instruction.  Although getting her some exercise in the wet winter months our only goal for these classes, I noticed she was clearly not challenged and appeared a bit bored at a class two weeks ago.  The instructor came to us at the end of the class and suggested that we move her up for her ability to follow direction more than her physical skills.

130126 molly gymnastics 014So up to Super Mites she went, and she loves it.  It was either that or hockey, which she said she wanted to play.  After seeing her hip-check Leighton while a hockey game was on t.v., we thought that perhaps that wasn’t a great idea.  She gets more time flying high on the trampoline (her favorite), perfect her donkey kicks, and practice her balance on a balance beam that is “really high.”  Regardless, we enjoy watching Molly get some physical activity and let het her fearless, confident personality shine through.

130126 molly gymnastics 016

130126 molly gymnastics 018

130126 molly gymnastics 019

130126 molly gymnastics 021


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