Molly and her baby dolls

At her request, I made some photographs of Molly with her baby doll.  She wanted me to take the picture and make on on paper so that she could have it, so I did.  The pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago and last night as I was tucking her into bed, she reminded me that I needed to “take the pictures off of my camera, put them on the computer, and make a picture for her.”  This is how I described the process to her when I took the photos.  The little girl forgets nothing.

130102 molly baby doll 001

It is appropriate that she wanted pictures with her baby doll. She is rarely without one of them.

130102 molly baby doll 003

She loves real babies too, and always loves going into the infant room at the daycare to see all the little babies.  She’s just like her mother in this way and will certainly make a wonderful mommy one day with her love of babies.  She has said that she wants to have six kids, and be a doctor too.

130102 molly baby doll 002

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