Happy 10 Month Birthday Leighton

Happy 10 month birthday to you yesterday Leighton.  You:

  • are a crawling maniac,
  • can nearly stand on your own,
  • have two teeth and will have two more any day now,
  • most common nickname is “Happy”,
  • a human vacuum with incredible attention for detail and will identify and taste the smallest particles on the floor,
  • favorite activity is practicing walking while mom or dad holds your hands
  • can demolish a graham cracker almost as fast as you can drink a bottle (2 minutes)
  • love to play with your sister
  • still wake at 2 a.m. for a snack most nights
  • prefer real food to baby food
  • don’t want held unless it is for a purpose (food or sleep)
  • think loud noises are interesting rather than scary
  • a natural climber and will fall off of something any day now because you climbed it faster than your parents could get there to prevent it
  • clap at your own accomplishments
  • already your sister’s best friend

Thank you for the first 10 months sweet boy.

20120823 502

20120823 512

20120823 534

20120823 552

20120823 664

20120823 608

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