Little Racer Girl

Molly had been requesting being able to race a bike for a couple of weeks. So, two weekends ago we bought Molly a bike.  In a flurry of activity I purchased it from Toys R Us on the way home from work before pick up she and Leighton from the daycare.  There were a handful of girlie bike styles to pick from, and knowing her I went with the pink one with princesses on it. I was sure she would see it in the back of the truck since she usually peeks back there to see if the dogs or my bike are in there.  Not that day.

Me: “I got you something special.” I told her once in the house and making it home with the bike undetected.

Molly: “REALLY? What is it?”

Me: “You need to go get your bike helmet.”

Molly: “Is it a bike?”

Me: “Yes.”

Molly: “Is it pink with princesses on it?”

Me: “Yes it is!”

The pink on with princesses on it was clearly the right choice.  So off to the sport court in the back yard for a quick lesson.  She had a hard time figuring out the pedaling, but soon we were off to the Marymoore Velodrome for the races.  After waiting what must have been an eternity for an eager 3 year old we pinned a number on her back, placed her baby in the carrier, and were on the track for the race.  Since she hadn’t figured out the pedaling I had to help her most of the way, although she didn’t seem to notice or care.  She loved it anyway.  She’s been practicing in the backyard and is ready for this Friday’s event.

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