Party Like You Are 3 Years Old

Molly turned three years old last weekend.  Fittingly, it snowed that day and night, just as it did at 4 a.m when Trina and I took the short trip to Evergreen Medical Center to meet Molly.   For all the cool schwag, cupcakes, and balloons, she was most excited about having her family here.  She talked about it for days before the party.  It was her party, so we ate cupcakes before opening presents and sang “Happy Birthday” and blew out candles at least three time – just because she wanted too.

120225 molly bday party 038

To another great year of playing hide and go seek, helping me make dinner at the kitchen island, watching Toy Story 50 times, singing songs, playing baseball in the backyard, and all the fun a kid can have.

Happy birthday Molly!

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1 Response to Party Like You Are 3 Years Old

  1. Deanne says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday Molly!!!

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