Leighton: 10 Weeks

Leighton is now 10 weeks old.  The time has passed very quickly, and he is growing just as fast.  One of my favorite pictures of a very chubby 2 1/2 month old Molly stuffed into a cradle that Trina had as a kid for her baby dolls.  Molly initially want too keen on us using ‘her’ baby doll cradle, but after we explained how we were going to use it and a little about taking turns, she let us.  

Initially he wasn’t any too happy about us stuffing him in the cradle.  He barely fit and another week might have been one too many.

120107 leighton-024

Leighton settled down after we talked to him for a minute and he let us make the picture.  He is substantially longer than his sister was, and there is plenty of chub to go with that.  That matches up with his 95th percentile for height (24 3/4 inches) and weight (13 lbs 9 oz) at his 2-month checkup.   

120107 leighton-037090502  molly 073

I couldn’t forget the little toes.

120107 leighton-065

Soon he was out on the floor where he could kick and move his arms at will.  He has outgrown swaddling and now often likes to be free to move and wiggle.  In fact, just an hour after these pictures were made he was crying rather robustly – I thought he was tired.  But no, once I placed him on the floor he was happy. 

120107 leighton-090

It will be another day of eating, sleeping, and playing on the floor.  He gets real excited when you talk to him.  This is most obvious during diaper changes and his eyes light up when you tell him how he just destroyed his diaper and a shirt or two.

120107 leighton-176

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