Molly & Leighton

As easy of a newborn Leighton is, we are all getting used to having him with us.  He sleeps nearly all of the day, waking for his regular meals and to look around every once in a while.  He cries very little, which is usually just a squawk when he is hungry.  He’s a treasure of a little guy and his nickname of “Tank” seems to be sticking for the time being.  Calling him Leighton is settling is as well; perhaps the vivid memories of his great-grandpa Leighton in our minds confuses the mind a bit.  

Molly has handled it extremely well and her independent personality helps her with the new dynamic.  Molly has been quite curious and loving.  She regularly will take a break from playing on the I-pad or watching Mickey Mouse to check him out and give him soft touches and kisses. 

Two nights ago, Trina, Molly, and Leighton were all in Trina’s chair together when Molly indicated that she wanted to hold him. Trina carefully set Moly up with Leighton in her lap and a boppy pillow for stability.  

111103 molly holding leighton-013

Molly enjoyed it thoroughly and was incredibly gentle and careful.  They spent about 15 minutes together in the chair.  It was gratifying to see the two of them together having quality bonding time.

111103 molly holding leighton-021

Yes, Molly does have a band aid on her forehead.  The previous night she rambunctiously climbed into bed and bonked her head on the headboard.  It wasn’t a bad bonk as far as toddler head bonks go and certainly didn’t break the skin.  However, mid-crying she said she wanted a band aid.  I applied the band aid and she was better instantly.  She won’t let us take it off, and a new one served as potty-bait one night.

111103 molly holding leighton-037

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