Trina, Molly, and I welcomed little Leighton into our lives last Thursday.  Dr. Morell expected him to be a big, but did not predict double digits.  It is no wonder Trina had been so uncomfortable the last 6 weeks.  She is recovering spectacularly, feeling great, and clearly happy to be a new mom again.  I gave him the nick-name of “Tank” while we were still considering names; we’ll see if it sticks or not.

111028 leighton-018

With his chubbiness and blonde hair, Leighton was the talk of the maternity ward and received a few extra visits from nurses attending other patients.  Evidently, blonde babies are a rarity at the hospital.  I knew he looked like large baby, until he dwarfed the 8 lb 3 oz baby across the hall, which is no small baby to compare too.

111028 leighton-079

Molly is happy to have a little brother and grandma brought her to meet him when he was only two hours old. Initially she was quite cautious of him and scared about Mommy laying in a hospital bed with lots of contraptions, and IVs in her arm. Soon she warmed up and started checking him out and gave him kisses.  The next day she asked Grandma if she could go see her brother again.

111028 leighton-057

We brought Leighton home after a little more than 24 hours his arrival.  He is very comfortable, is eating well, and is a master sleeper.  His little tuft of blonde hair on the top of his head is just enough to play with.

111029 leighton -044

The first few days has extremely easy since he sleeps so well.  Although it is easy to care for a sleeping baby, we enjoy the moments when we can see his eyes.  Day 3 gave us a little more awake time, and we expect more to come soon.  Molly has adjusted extremely well so far and her independent nature serves her (an us) well in this situation.  Last night she helped me carve pumpkins, and she is excited to got to school today dressed as a kitty cat for the Halloween party – with cupcakes!!!

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