Gold Dust Woman

Normally, Molly is not in favor of any of the adult music that comes through the radio and cries out “I don’t want this song!!!”  However, a week or so ago the song Gold Dust Woman from the Fleetwood Mac album Rumours came through the stereo in my truck.  Molly did not complain and even have it the arms in the air “Hurrah!” after the song finished.


A few nights ago Trina, Molly, and I headed out for an after dinner errand run and I asked Trina to pull up Gold Dust Woman to see if Molly had the same reaction.  As soon as the the first chords played she requested “Make it loud!”, and so we did.  We tried a few other songs sang my Stevie Nicks, but she did not like those.  Gold Dust Woman it is.

110719 rhody park-002

I picked Molly from daycare last night, and knowing she liked Gold Dust Woman I pulled it up on the ipod before leaving the parking lot.  As soon as the song started she started the following conversation:

M: “What’s this song daddy?”

J: “It’s Gold Dust Woman”

M: “Gold Dust Woman?”

J: “Yes, Gold Dust Woman?”

M: “I like Gold Dust Woman.  Make it loud!”

And so I made it loud, and we listened to Gold Dust Woman all the way to Albertsons, where I wanted to stop to pick up some Ninkasi Radiant pale ale to try.  Molly requested that she walk rather than I carry her when we entered the store, so I graciously lowered her to the floor and we walked together to the beer cooler.  She walked with a dance to her step all the way to the cooler singing “Gold dust woman” and telling passers by “I listen to Gold Dust Woman in the car!” 

That night at dinner I had Trina ask Molly what music she listened to in the car on the way home from school.  Molly responded by singing the “Gold dust woman” over and over.

She definitely has a little more of her dad in her than her looks.

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