Molly’s cousin Cooper came to visit for a little over two weeks.  Cooper is 18 months old and heading full on into toddlerhood.  He’s nearly always happy, innocently mischievous, doesn’t sit still except for food (on his own terms), and beginning to master the tantrum – all perfect toddler traits. 

110710 cooper-008

Cooper is walking well and working on running.

  110710 cooper-031

He preferred to be outside on the back deck, where he could play with the water table or toss anything he could get his hands on off the deck.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that good, so a sunny day on the back deck was a treat.

110710 cooper-041

He also takes great pleasure in closing doors. Never could the sliding door stay open, which was convenient until he discovered that the doggie door was “the way” to go in and out.  Even if the door was open he would crawl through like Luke Duke getting in the General Lee.

110720 rhododendron park-037

Cooper did bring his parents as well.  Thank you Cooper.

110720 rhododendron park-053

Cooper and Molly played together every night.  At first, Molly struggled a bit with the extra youngster in the house.  After a full day of rambunctious friends at daycare, Cooper was ready to play.  However, I think she needed a bit time to unwind.  Soon we figured it out and they had a lot of fun together.

110720 rhododendron park-067

On several nights went down the road to Rhododendron Park to swing and slide at the playground, and enjoy the wide open space.

110720 rhododendron park-071

There was lot of room to run. 

110720 rhododendron park-061

Cooper would chase Molly, but he could not catch her, and that frustrated him.  Soon enough, the 10-month age difference will not matter and they will be playing tag and hide-and-go-seek at Rhody Park.

110720 rhododendron park-102

Thank  for coming to visit.

Until next year Cooper.

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