The watering can

One of Molly’s new favorite activities on a warm sunny day is to water the flowers, just like her mom.  She will bring us the small, galvanized watering can and tell us she wants to water the flowers.

110519 molly watering-010

We partially fill the watering can with water and set her loose on the deck, watering the chives.  It is a bit of a reach for her to get the water over the lip of the flower pot.

110519 molly watering-006

She is getting more skilled with the watering can, but we still only let her water the outside plants.

110519 molly watering-009

The chives got watered at least seven times last night.  They must have looked parched.  We need to get more flower pots on the deck for her to water.

110519 molly watering-020

She also learned that water drains out of the bottom of the flower pot after a while.  That was good fun.

110519 molly watering-039

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