Daddy, I wake up!

We moved Molly into a twin bed last Sunday night.  That has brought some additional adventure to putting her to bed.  Sunday night she was quite excited about the big bed and we took turns calming her down from either bouncing with joy or crying in frustration until she finally fell asleep with me at her side, asleep as well, at 11:30.  Monday night was easier, but she said she was scared of the monsters…no more Monsters, Inc. for a while…

Last night was a bit easier as well.  She was obviously very tire from her schedule being out of whack since Friday and a big day of playing outside.  I took her to her bedroom at 8:30 for the bedtime ritual.  After a sippy cup of milk and a couple of books, I turned on her ladybug nightlight that spreads green, red, or blue stars and a moon on the ceiling, and placed her in her bed. 

She was not happy about going to bed and told me to “Lay down” and pointed at the bed.  We went through several iterations of me trying to get up and let her go to sleep, and each time she would tell me to “Lay down.”  At 9:30 it looked like she was getting close to sleep, so I wanted to get out of her bed to stop distracting her and also try to avoid setting the precidence of Molly needing us to be there to fall asleep.  I crawled out of her bed despite her request for me to “Lay down.”  She cried for a minute and all was quiet after a minute.

She slept soundly through the night, as she has in all three nights she has been in her big bed.  At 7:00 I heard little feet walking across her floor and a little two-foot tall voice:

“DADDY, I wake up!”

What a great way to start the day.

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