The Bath

Molly is growing more independent. Since learning to crawl and stand up on her own, although with the assistance of a stool, coffee table, or leg to grab on to, she has become all the more active and independant. She rarely want to be held, except to eat or rarely to go to sleep. If she is in your arms, keep her bouncing, flying, or something to keep her moving. She believes the world is hers to discover and will stop for only a few things that ultimately help this cause – food and unwillingly, sleep.

Now that she is coordinated enough to support herself she takes baths with out us in the tub. We fill the tub with enough water to cover her legs, sit her on a yellow foam pad, and let her splash away.

She is very tollerant of the washing part of the bath and even seems to enjoy that as well.
Even in the bath it is hard to keep her still. The moment she gets bored with trying to eat her red devil rubber duck, she starts crawling around and in an instant is climbing up the wall of the tub to stand up with all the big people in the room.

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