At last! The camera arrived in the mail today after a month long vacation at the repair shop in Portland. No more of that.

First off, I had to get back to photographing my favorite subject, Molly. Trina had started feeding her some whole grain puffs (a.k.a. ‘baby crack), which we scatter on her tray where she has fun picking them up and stuffing in her mouth on her own. Next up was the new item for the day, the green, slimy avocado. Initial reactions were mixed, but positive.

Then it started to go down hill. Smiles were present, but not when we put the green slimy stuff in her mouth. Furthermore, the internal/external ratio was shifting to the latter.

Finally, the full-on gag ended the session. Trina cleaned her up and we ate dinner around the kitchen island while she was entertained by out antics. She particularly enjoys the rattling of of the martini shaker. Some green slimy death vegetable made it to her head, so Trina gave her a bath while I did the dishes. A big bottle and off to bed to stand in bed crying for a while before sleep.

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  1. Les Anne says:

    >I agree with you babe. Yuck!

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