6 months ago yesterday…

…Molly Claire Venard entered the world. I was immediately blown away by her presence then and a see how incredible she is every day. Only hours after she was born, I was holding her while Trina got her first bit of sleep in 24 hours, and I just kept saying:

“Aren’t you something.”

Since her birthday she has brought us on an incredible journey. One of my earliest memories is of her sleeping on my chest at night for first two weeks. It seems like yesterday and it seems like ages ago all at the same time.

Since then she has grown in so many ways and is as sweet as ever. I can honestly say that I don’t think she could be any easier of a baby. As long as the three essentials are covered (food, sleep, diaper, in that order) she is happy and smiling, and happy and smiling is the best way to describe her. She welcomes all people to hold her an play with her and is a favorite of the ladies that work at the day care. Often, one of the women that does not work in Molly’s room will wait out her entire lunch hour waiting for Molly to wake so that she can see Molly, and sometimes the wait is all for naught.

Her 6 month check up with the pediatrician fell directly on her birthday. She is in great health; 26 inches long (75th percentile) and 16 lbs (50th percentile). Dr. Larson was surprised at how quickly she is developing – sitting up on her own, very close to crawling, very vocal, starting to hold a bottle on her own, and many others. To our surprise, Dr. Larson told us Molly had an ear infection in both ears. We had no idea. The previous weekend she had a head cold – snotty, a bit of a cough, but seemed over it. Even through that she was smiling and happy and showed no indication of ear problems. I guess that is why we have the check ups.

She really enjoys her bouncy seat, spending extended times bouncing w/ a bit of a bobble head and a big grin. I am excited to see her every morning when I wake and every evening after work. The changes seem to be coming nearly daily, and so I am curious what tomorrow will bring… Two days ago it was the sitting up on her own for 15 minutes and sucking her lips in after taking a bite of apple sauce.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. More smiles for sure.

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