For the second consecutive evening it was just the pups and I at the house. Trina and Molly are in Idaho for cousin Dante’s wedding. The first night felt really strange. It is usually non-stop action all night from the time we get home to when we get to chill for a few minutes before bed. Between getting home and going to bed it is a flurry of activity for Trina and I, usually in arrangement close to the following: feed Molly, change diaper, play with Molly, pet the dog, pet the other dog, cook dinner, throw the dog’s ball, eat dinner while the other entertains Molly (she’s usually getting tired and fussy by now), prepare Molly for bed (new diaper and pajamas), do the dishes, read a book or three to Molly, put her down to sleep for the night and help sooth her for about 15 minutes, play with the dog, take care other chores, watch t.v. from 9-10:00. Go to bed. Although it is crazy, it is enjoyable since 70% of it includes Molly, and she is so damn sweet.

But the last two nights there was little of that. The dogs were really weirded out by the lack of action and just moped around, except when I fed them. I had little motivation and just hung out and didn’t accomplish anything. This lack of mojo was enhanced by last week’s ankle sprain, which seemed to flair up the last two days (much better today) and the fact that I can’t take any photos since the camera is in the shop after suffering blunt-force trauma on the paved trail at Paradise last weekend. But as usual, I can only handle that mode of operation for about a day and a half, I was up and out of bed at 5:00 this morning taking care of business – reimbursement checks for the cycling team, working on some photos, blogging…

I am anxious for Trina and Molly to return. Molly changing very fast and suspect I’ll see a difference after just a few days. She is getting more active, trying to move around, and ever more interactive while her personality is coming out. She has been on a growth spurt, indicated first by an exploding appetite. She suddenly started devouring the baby chow, whether it be breast milk, formula, or baby food. She really enjoys the baby food, especially the fruits and has been downing formula like a college freshman at a kegger. Then, one day she was crying, so I went in her room and picked her up out of her crib to sooth her like I had many times before and I was surprised by what I had picked up. She was no longer an infant. She felt not only much bigger, but strong, and able to support her body. The change seemed to occur over night.

The ankle is feeling (and looking) more normal, so tonight Robert is coming over and we are going to replace a GFI outlet, load some branches into his truck, and probably just have a beer and shoot the bull for a while. Anyway, off to work

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