Chubs goes to the ball game

A beer and a hot dog at Safeco: $15

A new fitted Mariners hat: $34

Molly at her first Mariners game: Priceless

Grandpa and Grandpa M were in town for the weekend to catch a Mariners game and, of course, see Molly. We were curious how the game would go with her, and figured she would handle it fine, and she did. There was some fussing, a little crying, but nothing a little ‘lunch’ or bouncing couldn’t cure. In fact, a little girl seated behind us had a little stuffed Mariner Moose (the M’s mascot) that she loved to watch.

The M’s played the lousy baseball of yesteryear and lost 8-2. Although they have a 7 win – 4 loss record and are in first place, they are going to have to score some runs and not make errors to keep fans in the seats. Maybe next weekend we’ll check out a minor league game and Everett and not have to pay $7 for a beer…

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