T-3 Weeks

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, as usual. Life has been crazy busy, but without many moments of significance to write about. Most of the preparation for the new one were done by December with the exception of acquiring the little things like bottles, diapers, wipes, formula (just in case), and those types of goodies. Trina has had two baby showers this month – one in Bonners w/ the family and one over here on the ‘wet side’ with friends. Lots of baby shwag.

The novelty of pregnancy has worn off for Trina and is getting anxious to be done with that, meet the baby, be able to put her shoes on, and have a beer/glass of wine.

Last night, Trina was growing concerned about the baby’s lack of movement during the day. Normally is is kicking and malforming her belly all day long, but not yesterday. So, after dinner I poked, prodded, and pushed the belly to try and elicit a response. A response I got. The little thing kicked like Pele’. That was fun.

Today will be another day on the bike. I am not sure where to ride yet: solo? with the team? or with one of the other subgroups forming for various rides… Solo would be more efficient, but with the teammate would be social, and that is fun too. Hmm. At least it’s dry.

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