15 Weeks and Counting

Nearly 5 weeks since the last post. I guess that reflects on the amount of idle free time I haven’t. Keep intending on writing something up about our week in the Puerto Vallerta, Mex area, but haven’t. I haven’t published a trip report from the Ptarmigan Traverse yet, and that was August.

This week was interesting at work, with buckets or rain causing the rivers to flood, but nothing major. Then plenty of interesting discussions about instream flow management at the Baker Project and fish screening at Electron.

Now for the important stuff:

Trina is 25 weeks along now (that’s 15 fridays she points out) and regularly feels the baby doing calisthenics, flips, and judo kicks. It wasn’t too long ago that she was wishing that she could just feel it kick. Now she notes when it is inactive. She’s also started doing the standard pregnant pose of ‘hand on belly’ and lots of belly rubbing. She no longer can zip her jackets and took particular note of some pants that helped support her belly. 🙂 We also had the ‘big ultrasound’ a couple of weeks ago; we did not find out the sex and the dvd that the nurse made came out empty. So I guess we’ll have to wait until March to see any more. Potential names: Akbar and Aquinetta. Ha Ha.

Starting to prep for next year’s racing season. During the week: strenth training in the gym twice, two runs, and perhaps a bike commute day. Weekends: two short rides (1.5 hours). All just to balance out the body and get the legs ready for regular training on the bike, come January.

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