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First real post!!!

Nothing really new really. Been uber busy between work and being the bike team treasurer. Stretched a bit too thin at work to feel like I am doing everything well. Ce est la vie. The bike team just put on the largest bike race in washington this weekend, an event known as Star Crossed. It is the first big cyclocross race of the year on the national calendar. Even draws a few from Europe. We set up the course at the local velodrome (bike track), w/ the coarse weaving in and out of the track, beer garden in the middle. Final race is under the lights. Pissed rain all day, making the coarse a mud fest. It was awesome.

Trina and I went up to the San Juans the previous weekend to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Was real nice. The weather was perfect. We wandered around the little town of Eastsound on Orcas Island. Went to the farmers market, checked out all the fresh vegies we wish we could cook, and had some awesome coffee and fresh, pan fried and grilled oysters for “brunch”. Stopped into some artsie store and there was this enormoush great dane laying on the floor – 202 lbs and at one time was only 1/4 inch short of the world record for height at the shoulder.
Attended the annual Association of Power Biologists conference in Ellensberg last week. The conference includes a bowling tournament on one night as tradition. We visted Wanapum and Priest Rapids Dams. Incredible amount of generation there. Also incredible that they are getting 98% survival through some new turbines. Terns and NPMinnow are doing way more to F the outmigrants. Never would have believed it. Had a great time meeting some more contacts and eating hog roasted on a spit on the Vernita Bar (a gravel bar on the Columbia River where Chinook salmon spawn; part of the last freeflowing reaches of the Columbia in the US). While I was there I went up to our wind farm, the Wild Horse Wind Project, just out of Ellensberg at sunrise to take a few photos. Turns out one of the guys on the trip is a pro photog, specializing in wind project photography (flies all over the U.S. for power companies to take photos of wind projects) – he tagged along. I’ll be curious what he shot.
Haven’t any plans for this weekend. Probably ride w/ the team on saturday, then a bit of work around the yard on sunday. Maybe get out for a mellow hike in the fall colors w/ trina and the pups. She’s getting big in a hurry. Kind of getting real. I’m stoked. Need to take some pics of the belly!!! We are going to Bucieras Mexico, a small town ~1/2 hour north of Puerta Vallerta, the last week of October. Trina’s dad has already reserved a fishing boat for 2 days to go catch marlin and tuna. Will spend some time walking around town taking pics. Also going to get in some snorkeling for sure. Will send out some before and after pics for the backyard soon so everyone can see how I spent my spring and summer.

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